Wonder women

Though she is a strong woman, she fails at times. Her friends always told her that she is very strong and powerful woman.But her inner-self tentatively ask her ” are you really strong? or you are strong since because you are not aware of the real world.” when her inner-self asked her so, she was completely perplexed about herself. While walking, she was introspective about her question for few grains of hours. In the event of thinking, she got to know it was around 10:30 and unfortunately, there were only a few people on her way to her home.

As every other woman, there rises the very feeble and fragile nature of oneself. “THE FEAR”. the fear of everything. Even her shadow frightens her.  The fear of her life, the fear of unfortunate moments, the lonely streets, the blinking lights, drunken citizens, the fear of being a WOMAN. These fears rushed her fast.But as she came home safely, she realizes the question of her inner-self.


THINK ABOUT IT…..this day may come to you at any time or at any day. you can’t plan and face your situations. So be prepared by equipping yourselves by fighting…. I mean literally ready to fight. There are no wonder women in this world, every woman is wonder women for herself, so help yourself.













Say NO to fakism

me: why are you hiding yourself keerthana, the real you, the unique you, the special you? why so?

Fake me: Because that’s what I taught to….

me: what!! taught to be fake, to cheat yourself!!

Fake me: I’m not cheating, this is the way I was forced to behave. If not I would always be hurt by the one around. That’s what they taught me….I was forced to say yes when I badly want to say No. I should say sorry for no mistake I did. I was molded to be a fake me by the great shaping instrument of all time, Stereotypes.

Me: Believe me, Don’t fall for stereotypes, they don’t tend to be correct always. Even the one who is hurting you around would be a prisoner of stereotypes. When you start being yourself, you may satisfy you, but not all.I could see that all souls waiting for their parole time.Everybody wants to be real, so give a start for being you. Lets see the rebel of fake one.Even their rebel is fake too.And they do want to join the real you people.Don’t afraid of fake people words, they are just fake as they are!!




why?… why are you judging me, when you obviously don’t know who am I actually?. This is the question that my “mini-me” would always poke my tongue to pour out to the absurd one who does the judging. But I won’t actually because the fear of being judged again would control my mini-me. In the event of doing this, I have started dumping my mini-me in the dark rooms of fear and anxiety. Down the pike, my mini-me started falling out of love for me and started falling in love for anxiety. But anxiety is insanely in love with my mini-me, so he(anxiety) showers his love endlessly with the ignorance of making my eyes wet without fail. As days went on, the love between me and anxiety become unconditional, and we are hopelessly in love. He won’t fail to give me a blissful pain. My days don’t end without a ruminating smooch, dreadful kisses, and tearful lullaby. It was completely sweet actually, my bond with him(anxiety) grows to the next level of insomnia. And actually, we are doing great, well amazing I could say. This insane love makes me absolutely reckless about my life.So one day, I had my coffee date with him sitting in the corner of a coffee shop with blissful pain in the heart and because my tongue freezes to put any words, my eyes took the turn of the situation. It started spoiling my eyeliner which I use to hide my love(anxiety). There pop-ups, my boyfriend (anxiety)who was waiting to give me a big day. The day which proves our love to the world. The day, my love with anxiety makes me rip my soul. But today my love wins but not my life….


What is independence, friends? My mom always says, be a strong independent woman, dear.But I always wonder what is independence  to women is? people give ample voices about women independence. but I could see, it’s all just voice. No one really wants a better world of equality. why do certain men or women in contrary to those strong women? because, some fear of strong women. Fear, what I really mean here is the fear of being dominated by a strong woman. I dare say, the men who have this fear is the one who is dominating women in real world.that’s y they fear that their dominance could get a revenge on them. Even in this 2017 era, women are not independent. Not only men in this society are responsible for this, but also certain stereotypical women too.sometimes when I talk about certain women rights, my neighbors see me as a terrorist of a humankind, customs, and values of this world.And my troublesome relatives will give a highly annoying talks like,

“dear you are a girl, so a degree for life is enough and let’s tell your nana(daddy) to make a marriage alliance for you. Get marry and settle dear. girls should or must live by this way, why to waste money for higher studies and all. I’m sure you are not gonna work after marriage then why to waste money and energy dear. just be cool and get marry and settle in life.”

And this highly irritates me. And actually, this is not a situation for not only me but also certain girls out there difficult to reach out. I don’t doubt, certain women are pursuing their dreams. But I’m saying not all the one got the chance to chase their dreams. Even now, certain women are forced to stop their education for marriage. I do say, marriage is not a destination of life. And some are ignorant about that. some girls believe that this is the rule of life. And cooking in the kitchen and serving their husband and taking care of your kid is not only the job of only women. It’s the nature of life, where both men and women should share their life to bring up your kid from infant to good citizen of this world. I believe you could share your life, it’s not a rule that men should work and earn for their family to prove their masculinity. I believe both can work to have a good life else if one is not willing then its ok. but no one should force someone to stop their desire of life.

I’m not opposing the concept of housewives, but I say, it’s the women who should choose what should she be? A housewife or a working woman. If she decides to take the first, for the welfare of her family then obviously ok that she chose a field for making her family a better one. I say housewife is also a job, so she shouldn’t be dominated as a jobless person in this world. she should be respected for the sacrifice, she made for the welfare of the family.

Denim girl….

Sometimes our outfits decides our character.As we all know, it plays a insanely big role in our day-to-day situation.Is women who always wears denim with a crop top, or shorts with a sleeveless t-shirts is unbiased in  her thoughts?…But people, what do we prefer unbiased or biased!! We do act like radical people and our outfits ,our fake speech, portraits as unbiased…But  I’m asking, do we really are?…..A big “NO” my friends.Because some how ,we have grown up, like expecting certain things from other people.Why don’t we accept people as how they are?. Why do we pressurize them to fulfill our desires.Its not like any obligation between two people.When you start accepting people as how they are, you would be a ” better oneself”.See, most of our problems arises because of our disappointment, and its the effect of expectation.So be happy as you.Denim girl with radical mind as real…


The day, I realise….

One morning, I dreamt of a wonderful morning with my laptop and gadgets. But when I opened my eyes, I could see nothing but darkness. It was like my room was covered with a dark magical curtain that made me blind of morning sunshine, and it felt like someone was staring at me from the corner of my insanely dark room.I was frightened to open my eyes and prayed  my almighty to make this day as  my nightmare.But omg, I couldn’t go back to sleep as well.And I could feel someone’s eyes on me.By grabbing all  my courage,I opened my eyes to see who was out there horrifying me.I was crippled and feeling hard to get off my bed.This creature remainded me of my insidious movie, and I was horrified to the core. I Could hear its foot steps towards me.And it  reached me sooner and closer.But me, I couldn’t move, it was like ,I was tied to my bed to death. I was horrified and closed my eyes , waiting for someone to rescue me from my death life.But at that moment, I could hear a hideous voice yelling at me that “No one could help, you procrastinator, I’m your master, you need to fight with me to help yourself, get up my  bondwomen, FIGHT ME……..”.

Feminism ?!? Or Humanism?!?

Feminism is not against men But Yes I say you are responsible for all this.It’s all fighting for humanism for women.That the way  it all means…..

Certain people says, why do you say a mean word as feminism?!, Why can’t you call it as humanism?!.. yaaa….This word sounds good.But Humanism is a theory that tells, humans are allowed to use their logic to decide what is ethical, instead of using a higher power to decide them. But feminism, because the gender which is being denied personhood and subjected to oppression is female.Feminism is the only movement which advocating for gender equality.Its not the problem of just human, it’s a problem of female human.We should obviously accept that it’s FEMINISM…..

Feminism is not the movement, where only women should fight for?!.feminist can be a women/men who thinks “we all belong to same race , it’s HUMAN,and we are equal”. So give everyone their space ,what they actually deserve to live in this world in peace



Safest job…

What do you people think the safest job in town for women.A school teacher, college lecturer, government jobs ,bank jobs🤔….

I hardly believe in this concept of ideology.what does people mean by safest ?!?..Is people who are doing jobs in above mentioned field are free of sexual abuse,rape,eveteasing or domestic violence? No…not at all,since I have personally seen people who got into trouble even if they are in all those safest jobs in the world.

Instead of shrinking your desires and ambitions for seeking safety and secureness in life, stand up and fight for your safety.When I say fighting,I literally mean it “FIGHTING”.Why should we devaste our desires for secureness in society?Why not, try to do something for being a strong women literally to fight against those horrible animals who do inhumaniate thing. And why we  are afraiding of those ruthless people and shrinking our wings to fly low.If you have a great courage to diminish your ambition,then why don’t you have guts to do something to devast your fear of defeat by some ruthless people.

Go high and live your dreams. Be a strong women both physically and mentally.we, women should lend some time for equipping ourself with some self-defensing skill. Coz it ll help you in any situation.I say you can have certain fear as a human in life, but not as a women.I dare say there is no safe place in world.Its all that you make it safe for you. So break your lame excuses and get on with your dreams for life.


Hi, friends…. Today I’m going to talk about women present situation in the society like India. Today we are fighting for many issues in India. The first and foremost thing that women want now is safety. Did any men even think about it like why girls in India don’t have a safety? Many are saying that since we all have a born sin that is we are FEMALE. In India female have to fulfill their stereotypes. If not they are called with beautiful names like sluts, and much more. The root of this problem is not men, it’s the complete society.


In our home, what our parents are teaching to their sons? When a brother and a sister are fighting, what would be the words from our parents “don’t beat her, she is a girl (weak girl)”.why always people say women are weak? I agree women are weak than men physically but not mentally. Why in a family people ask opinions from our dad, not our mom? Why should men earn and run a family, why not women, why should women (only women) do all sorts of work in the home? We are suffering amidst all sorts of stereotypes. A small baby boy seeing all these things in his home will grow up like his father in future. So the fault is not in men. The fault is we have a strong belief in stereotypes in our society for gender.

It leads to a belief, that women are vulnerable. And also certain other reason why a lot of rape incidents are happening more in our society is, no harsh actions are taken against men who are committing such mistakes. This makes more likely to do such things if they have a grudge against women. In this society, if a girl doesn’t accept his love proposal then those men will take revenge on her. If a girl scolds men in front of everyone for his sexual abuse in public places then those men will take revenge on her. For them, revenge for defeating women, is raping her. I’m saying the facts that woman are facing in their daily life. And why men always feel superior to women, it’s because of stereotypes that are binding in their mind from their childhood. It’s all the society I blame for!!!!


Instead of shouting to the society, each and every one of us should grow our sons and daughters in a better way. In a better way, I mean that,

  • Teach your children that women and men are equal, everyone is a human. Each one should respect each other’s feeling.
  •  Teach them, only who have a better mental power can succeed, not the physical power.
  • Teach them there are no stereotypes for gender, be the way what you like to!
  • Teach your girl, that she have rights to have her desires, ambitions
  • Teach your son that your wife is not your servant, she is your better half to share your life and ask them to give her space in life.
  • Teach them your culture but not the one that cultivates gender stereotypes in his mind.



  • All women should have a self-defense skill, teach your kid from her childhood. It would be useful for her at certain critical times.

These are very simple things that everyone could follow to make the world a better place. I’m very happy that I have a certain freedom to express my views in society. I wish that all other girls should also come up by breaking their hurdles out and be strong women in this world.


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