Her Mistake

why women are not allowed to do any mistake, Yes, I mean “the mistakes of life”!. Yes, why we, (society) relate women dignity with the dignity of her whole family. The justification for this, given by “the called neighbours” is, we Indians respect woman equal to god and, women are so special and holy as the universe. And this world, gives unnecessary burden to a girl child from her age of 6, but calls a girls child, as burden themselves. This is a paradox actually, so now, she is burden to society or society is to her?!!!.(who cares!)

The whole life of women is spend in the fear of maintaining the dignity of her family than her desires. And what’s wrong in doing mistakes. I mean, what’s wrong to fell down and get back in right track again. I literally feel, no wrong in doing mistake, untill you realise it. And do you know something, this stereotype, not only stop a women from doing a simple mistake, but also have high adverse effect for the one who fortunately do mistakes. That is, the period of recovery is so hideous, that it push her into the worm hole of pain, which makes her a single dimensional being, who is unaware of how to get out of it. And inability to realise that her mistake has some lessons to be learned.

So, here comes a personal experience, which I love to share with all of my fellow followers. There was a brave, cute and beautiful woman in a city. And she is so bold enough to handle all serious situation as cool as possible. I was one of her admirer.And she is 18 and I’m 10. I usually copy her brave acts and imply them in life. So, I could say, i was such a big admirer of her. And also she has so much love and respect for her family.

Like everyone, she also found her love of her life. And she was happy with him, and ignorant of his true intentions. There came, this time in her life, ” the revealation of love of her life to her family”. Her intention was to get her parents permission and blessings and join the hands of her love. But, as per TYPICAL INDIAN PARENTS, love is a sick word to be pronounced. As expected, there were much big opposition and emotional drama going up in her life. So, one day she was about to step out of her home to lead a life with her love. That was a day, she discovered the real face of her love. So, what happened is, she called him, and told that, she will be coming with only certificates of her degree and no extra clothes or money with her. ’cause she is not interested in having her dad’s money in hand. And at that moment, her love of her life,stopped her to come and told her to take money and jewels. And she opposed by saying, that she have her degree and she also has her average salary job in her hand and that they can manage to live. But he strongly insisted to take up all her dad’s money from her home.

At the moment, she discovered that he only need money, not her love. And she was completely broken and for the first time in her life, she lost hope completely in her life. The person who she believed completely after her dad is “him”. And she could not believe that this is happening to her. And her parents were happy about her decision to broke up with him.

And you see, she is completely broken now. And added to that, what her love did is, he posted all their pictures in Facebook and send them to all her blood relatives to shame her. And all her neighbours and relatives were labeling her with names. And she was devastated and lost hope in people completely. And this incident affected her family members too. And her family were in hurry to arrange an marriage alliance for her to save their dignity of their family.

But without even thinking about her mental health. And her family also cornered her by saying that she embarrassed her whole family and broken the dignity of her family. But even after acquiring all these labels, she loved her family endlessly and married the one whom her dad told to.

And she was married happily as the will of her family. But her mental health has fallen into the horizon of black hole. So she don’t find any way to return back. And she’s happy outside and dying inside, of her one mistake she made in life.

Does choosing a wrong life partner in life is that wrong?. Why most of the women are not given a second chance!. And now, I couldn’t find the old brave cute girl anywhere in her.

So I’m asking this society to give back my brave lady to me. Can you? And i want her happy mental health back, can you help me in that? And I’m accuse you for killing her true self. Yes you are! You are!.. Do you know what’s her last words before her marriage is ” See, women are not allowed to make mistakes in her life, if you do, then you need to regret it for your entire life . So keerthana, be cautious about your decision in life”. With tears rolling down her cheek.

Please don’t ruin another brave girl’s life..Give her time and space to heal herself and get back.


Not a survivor but a fighter!

She began to think of the future that she admire to live!

But her just-dreams are acquiring strength, and thriving hard to stand still in the bashing torando of of blossoming life.

In the event of growth in life, she is compelled to be a victim of society.

But as a normal 6 sensed emotional being, her society and responsibilities seems so seductive to her.

Not to be a one more victim of normal life says her heart.

She was wanted to be indifferent by them, but she chose to be “DIFFERENT”.



Ding dong ding dong….
Alarm rings, the morning thoughts wakes you up!
Tak Tak Tak….
Bathroom door knocks, hey! you what are you doing there so long!- a noise disturbs you, up there even.
Reply with silence, Mmm mm mm…..
Fast Pace to reach your office on time.
Colleague calls- where are you! Come soon, there is an project exit today.
Vrooom……vrooom….. Vrooom….
Reached office, with morning blues
Projects, bugs, shifts, gossips, meetings, calls, project live, releases, exits….
Hello…can you hear me… Hello…..hello..
Multiple phone calls, sometimes being mute- many times being clueless.
Its time for Lunch- pizza, burger, Pepsi, a whole junk food life of modern IT Corporate world.
Making noise over keyboard
Struggling hard to work hard.
Click….. Click….. Click….
Your Keyboard,mouse makes an lullaby over a heavy afternoon lunch.
Ting ting ting. …..
Pop-up notification, actually your phone bewitch you to pick him.
Take me up dude!., ‘ cause you need to know,
whats happening around you to be brainy to the one who thinks they know everything about everything.
Whether it’s required for your life or not!
Analyse….observe…..rethink…. store..
Analyse….observe…..rethink…. store..
Analyse….observe…..rethink…. store..
Down the pike, the clock runs like an marathon runner,
Longing for home, is directly proportional.
In middle of all noises, we refused to hear our inner feeble voice of ourselves.
Help me out of the routine cage…


She is…

You say, she is rude…

Yes, she is.

Does that bother you?

Yaa, I know you say yes!

And also, I know that she hurts you.

Yes, You may think that she’s an sadistic woman.

But please do have a second thought,

That, why this woman behave so,?

Yes.. she absolutely have a fucking reason

As why she do so-’cause being rude is not her cup of tea.

You think she has a heart being made of a black hard stone.

But I say, you hardly see her heart which was broken down into pieces and shattered away all over the universe.

Did you ever noticed her swollen eyes.

I bet you haven’t. But it’s ok, she will hide her scars with her concealer, and paint her face to a gorgeous looking hot woman

And one thing, she will show you is her anger.

The anger of how you people changed a kind and good hearted woman to “the rude girl.”

You know,once she was a kind of girl, who hestiate to hurt even her foe
She even cares about them, in certain way.

But she was even more hurted not by her foe but by her ally.

But please don’t keep that shit pity face.

‘Cause she don’t want that from you. And she hate that too.

Now, you say her as rude, insolent and impudent girl.

No, But she is bold, sassy and confident women.



Find your identity

Why are you living the life of others, when you absolutely has an amazing one with you.

Dear fellow followers, Happy to meet you all virtually after a long time. I think you people could answer the poking questions of my heart.


Why are you living a life, by concealing your actual little self inside you? I know, you are here, not just because of you, but also because of certain dramas of this society. I actually love people, who show the world what their actual inner self-look like. Actually, that is not a normal act, but a brave act.

Why are you acting like a drama queen or king? This world doesn’t gonna cost you for the drama, you do. But it’s obvious, that it will push you into the ever-burning fire, that will choke off your full identity of life.

So, the time when you realize this, it would be late.

As one of the great minds of world Albert Einstein once said

A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”

But just look at the world now, and think how our world thinks about happiness now.

Definition of “A successful life”:

1) A successful job in a reputed organization.( Juz wait, what would be a reputed organization?. Don’t worry, that will be decided by the society, even when they don’t have any sort of knowledge about the company history).

2) Successful marital life at the right age ( what would be the right age for men and women. Don’t worry again, that will also be decided by the society and don’t even consider whether that particular individual is ready for! )

3) A perfect house at the perfect location.

4) A big car ( big actually means bigger than what you need ).

5) A costly weekend party or some random trips ( just to post photos on your social media.)

6) The notion ” To lead the best life than every other” ( comparing your life, makes your life much worse. But this society ask you to compare, compare, compare. )

See, everyone have their own best life, but this society sets you a checklist and ask you to check the list forcefully.

Be in your own way. I know that you all are practiced to be in the way, how Society wants you to be. But just try hard not to get bewitched by our society. And also “don’t imitate others, everyone has their own way”. I don’t say, don’t get inspired by others. But I say ” get inspired and do it by your own way, ’cause you have your own style”.

So, Do you all dare to find your identity?!

Fact behind women not allowed in Hindu temples during MENSTRUATION

I know all Indians, know about this Indian custom,( which I mentioned in title). May be, many people say different mythological stories. But there is a deep science fact behind every custom followed by ancient Indians. And no custom says “women are dirty or impure during menstruating period, and so they are meant to stay away from temples”. These people who interpret them wrongly and do say these in their ignorance.

So read the link and get to know. The science behind customs.

bleeding power ….

Fake it, untill you become it

The title seems likes little confusion, is it fellow bloggers.?

’cause, I have already written something about fakism,which says don’t be fake, try to be you , however the way you are.But this is something different from that. People always say this” being a liar is good at certain times”. In the same peculiar way, we could benefit from being fake.

As the Indian monk Vivekananda says” what you think is what you become”. The same way is, what you believe you are, is what you are. Little confusing right, the same I say is, just try to fake it what you actually want to be. In the event of time, you will become what you are, without your concious.

It’s great, isn’t people!

The way you want to be, will increase the confidence in you. When you start being “what you want to be”, eventually you will end up being happy too.

I swear people, you could see a change in few days.just give it a try!.

Caution: I’m sure, you would fail sometimes, because people around you will ask you about your sudden change continuously and comment on it too. So have an “don’t care attitude” and move on.

P.S- thanks to @Amy cuddy-TED talks


It’s time… Not the time to go anywhere but the time for my impure blood to unleash from my wonderful body. Yaaa….. I’m on my superwomen day.

I know, you people may think, ” hey lady, it’s just normal and usual thing for a woman, what are you gonna talk about ?.(it could be a usual thing though). But guys, I need to say this.

Usually when girls at this time, use to say” oh god, why do you given such a curse to women,”. But to me ” I love pain”. I’m fond of menstruation pain.(*it looks a little bit crazy *). But yes, I love the pain. this pain will make me much more strong and healthy. And actually, I’m a PCOD patient, I do have irregular periods. Sometimes I would be longing for the menstruation pain. Only PCOD patients know the value of menstruation period. And this pain will make me free from depression, anxiety, and obesity. The non-PCOD people don’t realize what this pain will make you free from, which another human being suffers from. Usually women have mood swings during their third phase of menstruation cycle.But for a PCOD patients, the mood swings retain every day and cause depressions at random times for no reason.And you have crazy hair growth (*LOL, its actually facial hair or body hair), and even when you do waxing or any sort of hair removal treatment, your hair grows super quick. Your hormones will work such horrible way, dude. So we, long for such menstruation pain which is better than other pains of PCOD.

So don’t hate the pain, which is giving you the full treasure of life. So believe me, embrace your pain.


I’m jealous of men.-Me

Men? what? why? you are so independent and strong women keerthana.- My minime

we women, being strong and independent nowadays. But though, not so independent in society, literally I could say, we are not free of fear. We all have that fear of being sexually assaulted when we go on a bus, train or some sort of random crowd. sometimes we are jealous of men, ’cause they don’t have the fear of walking to the beach at 9 and I know, its silly but we suffer from cage-bird illness. I also know men also get assaulted. But you see, when a woman and a man walk in the road, the percent of she being assaulted is 89% and man being assaulted is 57%. since the percent is more and so we are talking about it more.we always talk things like leading a cool independent life. But as a gender equality-minded woman she needs to face certain stereotypical words and reactions from some coward human beings( it could be women or men). First of all, “feminism” is not an offensive word you see, and a woman who talks about gender equality and gender stereotypes is not a one, who hates men or the one who insults cultural norms but actually, i agree, they are the one,who don’t follow stereotypical cultural norms. I have seen lots of women, who are actually feminist by birth but fails to admit it, in the fear of being judged. Initially, we need to rip off the stereotypical notions that people have on feminist. And right, we feminist are here, trying to have at least an atom level change on this earth with just by our actions and words.

As Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says” we should all be feminist”

Not only women, who can involve in this movement but also men who believe gender equality is mandatory to have a humanism in this world. And by equality, we cant do all the mistake which men do and say its feminism.When things which you do, hurts the other human then its obviously wrong, and we shouldn’t justify that by gender stereotypes.

So always proud to say “I’m a feminist”.

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